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White label PPC services designed for web design companies, consultants and marketing agencies to scale their service offering and make more money. If you need an expert fulfilment partner to take care of your client’s Google Ads needs, you’re in the right place. We’re skilled, reliable, based in Canada and we stay completely hidden.


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    The Ad Platforms We Use

    Our primary expertise is with the Google Ads and Bing Ads platform, however, we have experience with and can look at advertising on other platforms if required by your client.

    Some Reasons People Choose Us As Their Google Ads & PPC White Label Partner

    Invisible, Reliable, Results-Focused PPC Fulfillment Partners

    Results Focused

    When you work with us, you are partnering with a skilled Google Ads & PPC practitioner who is a Google Certified Partner and truly cares about your client's results.


    We take working with your clients very seriously and we understand that being a reliable, communicative and proactive extension of your team is important. We never leave you wondering.

    We're Not Outsourced 🇨🇦

    Owner/operator, Will, runs every account himself & clients have direct access to him. When most companies try to save by outsourcing to cheap labour, we're with you at every step.

    Scale Your Business

    When you partner with us, it makes it easy to scale your business and add additional revenue to your bottom line. There's no need to hire expensive in-house staff if you don't need to.


    Your clients will never know we exist. We take precautions to ensure the optics are such that your company is fulfilling all the Google Ads PPC work & all reporting.

    CRO Expertise

    We can offer value add to your client's by utilizing expertise in conversion rate optimization. We understand that success in Google Ads often requires both sides of the equation are dialled in.

    Let us do the work, so you can focus on your core competencies.

    Every month your clients will be thanking you, while we stay hidden behind the scenes, working on your clients Google Ads accounts.

    Meet Your White Label PPC Account Manager

    250 Digital is owned and operated by Will Zouzouras on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I've been involved in internet businesses and online marketing since the early days of 2010. I've started, bought and sold companies over the years, bringing a vast knowledge of business and online marketing experience that I use to partner with clients in order to achieve the highest possible ROI from their online advertising initiatives.

    Clients of 250 Digital choose to work with me because of my obsessive attitude towards optimizing ad account performance by dialling in ad campaigns and optimizing landing pages for maximum results. Clients also find comfort in knowing, and having direct access to, exactly who is running their ad accounts. Many other PPC management companies outsource to overseas labour, lack transparency and do not provide conversion rate optimization. With 250 Digital, you know exactly who is running your campaigns, and you know both your campaign and your website are optimized for PPC success.

    In addition to having a business degree with a Major in Finance, I am a Certified Google Ads Partner; both of which give me an edge in managing PPC accounts by deeply understanding business, customer LTV and the Google Ads platform.

    "I would highly recommend Will and 250 Digital. Will is knowledgable about PPC best practices and was able to plan and execute a profitable eCommerce Google Ads campaign selling into multiple countries. Most importantly, Will really cared about our results and ensured we got a positive ROI."
    Sean Wiggins
    Owner, North Digital

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our White Label PPC Services

    Yes we do. Your clients won’t even know we exist. We work directly with you or members of your team. You or your team pass any along information to your clients as needed. Our White Label PPC services allows you to focus on your core competencies while a PPC expert works hard on your clients PPC accounts. 

    We use generic non-branded emails during the management process as not to identify us in Google’s change history.

    Will, the owner and operator of 250 Digital, runs all of the PPC accounts himself. He’s located on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada and runs all accounts from his office. You can rest assured that only one PPC manager will be managing your client’s accounts and working hard to serve as an extension of your team.

    Yes we do. We create reports based on what your client’s needs are, that are branded to your agencies logo. These reports typically include all form fills, phone calls and/or purchases from our PPC and Google Ads initiatives.

    You would place all your clients ad accounts into a Google MCC account. You can either create a new one, or give us access to your existing account. You maintain complete control and you are the entity giving us access to the account, we have no interaction with your clients.

    We continuously optimize your client’s accounts. This is a daily process at the beginning and tappers off to a few times a week as we get the campaign producing well. We use keyword data, demographic data and historic performance data to optimize targeting and bidding on your ad accounts.

    No. We don’t have any long term contracts. We work month to month and earn your business every month. You may cancel any time with 30 days notice.

    We charge a wholesale price to manage your client’s accounts each month. You can mark up our fees however you see fit. We do all of the PPC management every month, you take care of the client management. Our typical PPC white label client will pay around $325/month per account depending on ad spend and scope. For larger spend accounts, we typically are around 5.5% of spend, which ever is higher. For accurate pricing for your situation, request your free proposal today.

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