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PPC Management Pricing

PPC Account Management

Starting at $400/month

Our PPC management pricing starts at $400 per month and can increase based on the spend and work associated with your campaign. This price is our fee to manage and perform ongoing optimizations on your PPC advertising campaign. It includes the creation, management, on-going optimization and the value-add of your ppc campaigns. For accounts that spend a large amount on advertising every month, our fees typically come in at less than 10% of ad spend. It’s important to note that this cost does not include advertising dollars to run paid ads on search engines or social platforms. You will have a Google Ads Certified Partner, an experienced PPC manager running your account and report the results to you every month. It’s not uncommon for an investment in our Google Ads management service to pay for itself every month just from savings on wasted clicks alone, not to mention the added revenue from targeting the right keywords and improving your conversion rates.

Advertising Spend

Suggested minimum $500/month

You must have a monthly advertising budget if you wan to run paid ads online. This is paid directly to Google, or which ever platform your ads are running on. We recommend spending at least $500 on any paid advertising campaign get us enough traffic to get you results and give us enough data to make intelligent decisions on. Typically, the more ad budget you have, the more results you will get.

Set Up Fees

completely free

Unlike our competitors, we do not charge a set up fee to set up your PPC advertising campaign. However, sometimes custom landing pages and/or conversion rate optimization services are required to get the most results out of your PPC campaign; if these are deemed necessary, additional charges may apply. Please contact us to receive a custom proposal and we will determine what is best for your campaign.

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