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Why clients hire our digital marketing company to manage their PPC accounts

With our Google AdWords management services and conversion rate optimization, you can expect better quality traffic, more lead flow and more profit.

They Don't Have Time To Manage Ads Themselves

Save time to focus on your core competencies

They Don't Have Digital Advertising Expertise

Google Ads & PPC success requires expert knowledge

They Don't have a way of tracking results & ROI

It's imperative to track everything to understand ROI

The Values We Believe In

Our aim is to establish a partnership with clients, not just provide a service.


We believe in creating long-term relationships with our clients by adding meaningful value to their businesses and being a catalyst for revenue growth.​


We strive for transparency in everything we do. There's nothing that we have access to that you don't. Get clear reports on results & progress.


Our commitment to professional growth brings you current insights in a dynamic industry. We're always growing, which helps our clients grow.​

PPC & Google Ads Account Management

About 250 Digital

250 Digital is owned and operated by Will Zouzouras on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I've been involved in internet businesses and online marketing since the early days of 2010. I've started, bought and sold companies over the years, bringing a vast knowledge of business and online marketing experience that I use to partner with clients in order to achieve the highest possible ROI from their online advertising initiatives.

Clients of 250 Digital choose to work with me because of the my obsessive attitude towards optimizing ad account performance by dialling in ad campaigns and optimizing landing pages for maximum results. Clients also find comfort in knowing, and having direct access to, exactly who is running their ad accounts. Many other PPC management companies outsource to overseas labour, lack transparency and do not provide conversion rate optimization. With 250 Digital, you know exactly who is running your campaigns and you know both your campaign and your website are optimized for PPC success.

In addition to having a business degree, majoring in finance, I am a Certified Google Ads Partner. Both of which give me an edge in managing PPC accounts by deeply understanding business, customer LTV and the Google Ads platform.


Some of the PPC Tech We Use

We utilize a number of state-of-the-art marketing technologies that help us get the best results possible for our clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our White Label PPC Services

One of the primary reasons 250 Digital was started was because we knew PPC account management could be done better. So many other PPC companies just see their customers as a number, and they don’t truly care about achieving profitable results. Our business is run by one sole account manager, Will Zouzouras, who only takes on a certain number of clients at a time. When you sign on with 250 Digital, Will makes it his personal mission to get your account performing as best as it possibly can for our clients.

Will Zouzouras, owner/operator of 250 Digital, runs all PPC accounts himself out of BC, Canada – we do not outsource any work.

One of the best things about PPC marketing and Google Ads is that you can get results within just a few hours of launching your campaign.

We work on setting up your campaign, we launch it within a few days of signing up, and within a couple hours after launching, your ads will be live on Google for the keywords we end up targeting.  Then some of that targeted traffic will click on your ads and a certain percentage of that traffic will call your business or fill out a lead form and you’ll be getting results.

It’s important to know that even though we can see some results within hours, often times it takes months, and sometimes even years to fully optimize an account and get it performing at the lowest CPA possible as new data comes in. PPC is an ongoing process of testing and optimizing.

As with all forms of advertising, no-one can guarantee results in PPC marketing and you should be very skeptical of any company that tells you that they can. We can, of course, estimate the likelihood of success based on your current activity and competitive advantage in the marketplace, but these are pro-forma projections. We always set ourselves goals and KPI’s right from the outset based on our research but we, and no-one else, can guarantee results. To guarantee results, would be to predict the future.

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