Google Ads & Microsoft Ads Management for a busy counselling & therapy clinic – White label

PPC Marketing For a Therapy Center

The client is an exiting and established therapy and counselling clinic staffed by 8 counsellors, offering primarily grief, depression, anxiety and relationship therapy located in Houston Texas.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Over 440 phone calls and forms fills generated
  • Client hit all-time high revenue numbers
  • Conversion volume increased by 783%
  • 142% increase in conversion rate
  • 66% decrease in cost per action (CPA)

The Problem

What They Started With

The client had a website and SEO initiatives that were already bringing in some results, but they wanted to bring in as many new clients from their area as possible, as fast as possible. Since other marketing initiatives, such as SEO, often take a long time to see results, Google Ads and PPC was a good solution to start bringing in more patients immediately. The client had a different PPC manager running their account, but the results were lackluster and the cost per action (CPA) was running quite high and a lot of the client’s ad budget was being wasted on irrelevant clicks. We changed all that.

The Solution

What wE Implemented

Google Search Ads & Microsoft Ads

The first thing we did when taking over this account was rebuild the account structure with service specific ad groups, following a single keyword ad group (SKAG) style of format. This allowed us to better monitor the performance of the specific service offerings and allowed us greater bidding control on these individual services. The SKAG account restructure also allowed us to create very specific ads that appealed to each service and the specific problem that service solved. This style of account structure and new, emotionally charged, compelling ads were what helped us increase the click through rate (CTR) as much as we did.
We then gathered a large list of negative keywords from historic data to begin paring down the traffic into a very clean and precise search terms report. We only want to show up for terms that are indicating high intent to book an appointment with a counsellor. 

We worked very closely with the clinic’s owner on a monthly basis to test and experiment with new keywords and services offerings. This dynamic approach to running their account allowed us to hone in on exactly what keywords were generating the most conversions. It also gave us a certain adaptability that ended up being successful for us. For instance, we tried advertising online counselling services for them in the past, with little success from a CPA perspective, but when the pandemic of the corona virus happened, we decided to advertise for phone and video counselling services again, and it was a success. Being agile and dynamic in our PPC account management helped us get great results for this client.

Over time, we dialled in their Google Ads account, produced great results, scaled their ad spend budget to the point where they hit their highest revenue numbers ever just after a year of working together.

Conversion Rate Optimization

After taking over the account, we knew the conversion rate was a bit of an issue and that we could get it higher, which would stretch the client’s budget a lot farther. Over time, we implemented algorithmic bidding strategies that helped increase the conversion rate as well as split testing different landing pages with a 50/50 budget split experiment conducted over the course of 4 months. Contrary to common dogma in the PPC world, we determined that the client’s website was actually producing much higher conversion rates than the purpose built ppc landing pages they had built out from a separate vendor. This was likely because of the personal nature of the service and people wanting more information on who they are dealing with before booking an appointment.

The Results

What we accomplished

  • Over 440 phone calls and forms fills generated
  • Conversion volume increased by 783%
  • 142% increase in conversion rate
  • 17% increase in click through rate (CTR)
  • 66% decrease in cost per action (CPA)
  • Client hit all time high revenue numbers about one year after working together

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