Google Ads Management for a growing property tax advisory firm

Peak 5 Advisors

Peak 5 Advisors is a property tax advisory firm that specializes in property tax appeals for large commercial clients. To date, they have helped companies save millions in property taxes.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Generated approximately 30 B2B leads per month
  • Eliminated residential searches with daily keyword optimizations
  • Scaled from 1 state in to 9 states

The Problem

What They Started With

Peak 5 Advisors is a B2B service provider, who used 1 on 1 outreach as their primary way of getting new business prospects. They wanted an inbound marketing strategy to supplement their outbound efforts that would allow them to bring leads into their business without having to actively chase down new prospects every month.

The Solution

What wE Implemented

Google Ads

Once contracted, we implemented competitor research and keyword research that would help us formulate the search terms we want to target and what strategies others are using in their market. We determined that a free tax savings assessment would be our offer that would be promoted in our ads and landing page.

After launching the ads, we optimized the account on a daily basis to help reduce wasted spend and we began finding out what keywords businesses were searching to find property tax service providers. We began seeing success in their local Ohio market, so we then expanded our ad campaigns across 9 states, generating inbound tax advisory leads from businesses spanning from East and West coast of the USA.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The client’s existing website was not well designed for either desktop or mobile and was missing a lot of information and social proof that a prospective client would want to know. For these reasons, we decided a new page was needed if we were going to run paid google ads to it. We came up with a solution with a form above the fold, where the user get’s funnelled to our lead capture form quickly after landing on the page, generating a new lead.

We analyzed this solution closely with live screen recording software to see how users were navigating the site and we found this layout to be very successful in our goal of leading people to lead capture form, quickly. The landing page solution can be seen here: old landing page and the new google ads landing page.

The Results

What we accomplished

  • Generated approximately 30 B2B leads per month
  • Eliminated residential searches with daily keyword optimizations
  • Scaled from one state in to multiple states
  • Improved lead flow with strategic web design
  • monitored traffic user flow with screen recording software to ensure goals were being met

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