PPC Advertising & Conversion Rate Optimization for a growing dental office

Dr. Amarjot Sajan

Dr. Amarjot Sajan is prominent dentist in the downtown core of Victoria, BC, Canada. His office serves clients that are generally within 5km of his office with all dental needs from teeth cleaning to dental implants and Invisalign.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Decrease CPA by ~60%.
  • Increased conversion rate by 598%
  • Increased click-through-rate (CTR) by ~300%
  • Eliminated all competitor and irrelevant clicks by creating a very clean search terms report

The Problem

What They Started With

Dr. Am was not sure he was getting the most from his Google Ads marketing. His market is highly competitive on the Google Ads platform and he felt he was spending too much for what he was getting in return. 250 Digital was contracted to audit the ad account, make recommendations and manage the ad spend going forward. After our initial audit, we found that the previous agency has set up the Google Ads poorly, and most of the client’s budget was being spent on “branded” terms that weren’t bringing in new clients to the practice, but rather the spend was being used on searches that were already looking for his business.

The paid traffic was being run to the homepage of the client’s website, which is typically bad practice. Additionally, we couldn’t advertise any specific offers due to regulation (i.e. no discounted services, etc.) so we’re relying on ad copy, bid position and extensions to get attention and break through some of the crowd .

The Solution

What wE Implemented

Google Ads Management

Once contracted, 250 Digital brought down the cost-per-action (CPA) from approximately $200 (that was mostly being spent on branded terms) to around $80. We accomplished this by structuring the account in a SKAGs format (single keyword ad groups), using negative keywords to remove all competitor and wasted clicks and creating landing pages. We also eliminated branded terms, to better focus the budget on acquiring new clients only.

We continue to drive the CPA down and conversion rate up by split testing ad copy on both the ads and landing page.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We knew we needed to lead our paid traffic to relevant pages that the user was searching for, so we also created a specific landing page for Invisalign and dental implant services, which started generating calls for these high-ticket services on relatively low search volume. Our main landing page that we run generic dental traffic to can be seen here: dental google ads landing page.

We monitored how users were navigating the landing pages with a live screen capture software, which helped us re-arrange some of the sections on the landing page to create a better user experience and drive more calls. For instance, we noticed people really wanted to see the location of the office and the contact info. The original landing page had this information towards the bottom of the page. Armed with this real user data, we then moved this info straight to the top, allowing users to find what they were looking for quicker and with ease.

The Results

What we accomplished

  • Decrease CPA by ~60%.
  • Increased conversion rate by 598%.
  • Increased click-through-rate (CTR) by ~300%.
  • Eliminated all competitor and irrelevant clicks by creating a very clean search terms report.
"Will and his team at 250 Digital have done an amazing job for us. They are always watching the results and making adjustments to make sure our brand gets out there. We have benefited greatly from adding them to our team."
Am Sajan
Owner & Dentist

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